Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Is black nail enamel sexy?

yah more and more people are wearing it,

i think it only looks nice if your NOT emo .Is black nail enamel sexy?
It depends on the color of your skin and the black you use.

A straight, matte black is gorgeous on medium skinned people, but on darker african skin tones it doesn't have the impact, and on really fair skinned or rosy skinned people it has a creepy effect, like frostbite or fungus, so they're better off going with a really sparkly, metallic or tinted black.

Also, it depends on your nails. Make sure that they've grown out past the skin (it doesn't have to be much, but black completely surrounded by skin will look sick), that they're all neatly filed and that your cuticles are in orderIs black nail enamel sexy?
yes but it has to be very shiny and not chipped or else it looks trashy and gothy

plus if you pair it with flirty sexy clothes it adds mystery

other good colors are OPI Lincolin Park After Dark and OPI Russian Navy

each are really dark and look black at quick glance but are dark verisions of red/purple and blue
noo not for a girl id think! answer mine?http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;鈥?/a>
i think it is if you balance it out with some girly clothing or hair...

Its kind of 'shes not as innocent as she looks' sexy.

but if you are all angst black and gore.....zzZz.....

its tricky but sexy

i love it

so edgy and hip

and fun lolz
Yes, you should try a blue-black color, that would look nice
I personally love it.
no. i hate it. i like girly girls not emos
its the only thing i wear

%26amp;%26amp; my boyfriend loves it %26lt;3
uh if your an emo/scene kid

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